Unusual Things to Do in Southern California

Our list of unusual things to do in Southern California includes offbeat places you will not find on any tourist maps. If you like weird, but not too weird we have a nice selection of destinations to choose from.

Old Plank Road Imperial Sand Dunes

During the early 1920s seven kilometers of plank road was constructed within the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma Arizona. For ten years the board road was part of the major course between Yuma and San Diego. Just one small section of the plank road remains now.

Potato Chip Rock

The views from the top of Mt. Woodson are spectacular. On a clear day, you can see all of the way into the sea. Of course, the most important reason behind hiking up here is to take pictures on the stone to post on Facebook or even Instagram.

Korean Bell of Friendship

The Korean Bell of Friendship just rings five times a year but you may check out the massive bell any time you desire. The bell is made of over 17 tons of tin and aluminum, with nickel, gold, lead, and magnesium added into the metal for tone quality. It has a diameter of 71/2 ft, the normal thickness of 8 inches, and a height of 12 feet.

Glass Outhouse

The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery at 29 Palms is wherever. Visitors will discover themselves seeing a unique art gallery with a very unusual outhouse. You can see out, and no one is able to see in.

Shields Date Garden

Visitors can step up to the soda fountain counter to order a date shake; take a chair in an old theater showing a featured video based on Mr. Shields’ original assignments on date pollination and cultivation.

Luffa Farm Nipomo

They look like cucumbers, but they’re not. Luffas are part of the gourd family and most often they are used as a bath or kitchen sponges. Luffa can be used in several Asian countries as the ingredient in soups and stir-fried dishes.

Salvation Mountain

There is Mt. Sinai, and then there is Salvation Mountain. On the bare badlands east of San Diego, there is 30-foot high, 100-foot wide concrete and adobe mountain covered in religious slogans and over an estimated 150,000 gallons of luxury multicolored acrylic paint.

Harmony California

The Harmony Valley Creamery prospered for over 90 years across California’s central coast. William Hearst and his guests sometimes stopped in the creamery to pick up new buttermilk and butter in their way to keep at Hearst Castle.

Oasis Camel Dairy Farm

Oasis Camel Dairy Farm is one of Southern California’s most distinctive attractions. Located in Ramona, It bills itself as “an oasis from the ordinary”’, and that is the reality. Camel milk handmade soaps, lotions, as well as lip balm can be purchased at the farm.

Malibu Hindu Temple

Beautiful and calm the Malibu Hindu Temple is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and welcomes guests from all religions. The temple is actually located in Calabasas, but most people call this awesome building the Malibu Hindu Temple.


Pioneertown was originally constructed in the 1940s as an old west movie set. Film stars Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were instrumental in creating the wild-west city to shoot movies. Some buildings aren’t much more than fake fronts while some were used as shops and shops.

Burro Schmidt Tunnel

Burro Schmidt was a determined guy and spent 32 decades of his life burrowing through rock to make a shortcut to bring gold ore to the smelters near Mojave. Burro never found any gold ore, but he did complete his tunnel.

Trona Pinnacles

Trona Pinnacles are situated about twenty miles east of east of the town of Ridgecrest in northeastern Kern County. These odd rock formations were formed over 10,000 decades ago when this area of the Mojave desert was covered by the water.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Elmer created his bottle tree masterpiece from junkyard pieces and countless jar. The bottle ranch is a must watch as you drive along the National Trails Highway.

Nitt Witt Ridge

Arthur Harold Beal who was a recluse and self-proclaimed artist and city trash collector. He rescued things that everybody else was throwing away. It took him 50 years to construct his castle on a mountain, built completely out of other people’s trash, salvaged materials, and beachcombed junk.

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum is among Southern California’s most unusual buildings. Cabot captured the unique histories of the Pueblo people and built that to every room. It took Cabot over 24 years to build this multi-level construction. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum is situated Desert Hot Springs, California.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area

Vasquez rock formations were made before our time from the San Andreas Fault. The infamous bandit Tiburcio Vasquez utilized these area rock formations to elude law enforcement between 1873 and 1874, hence its name. Numerous movies, tv shows, and music videos have been filmed at Vasquez Rocks.

China Ranch Date Farm

As you drift down into this little palm-lined harbor located somewhere between Death Valley and the Dumont Dunes, you will discover a stunning little river valley with a few intriguing geological formations and a lot of hiking paths.

Dublin Gulch Caves

Dublin Gulch is a set of underground cave dwellings. In the early 1900s miners and railroad employees drowned out living quarters in the cliffs close to the town of Shoshone California. The cave dwellings served two functions. To escape the summertime heat and as insulation from the freezing Mojave Desert winters.

Western Gardens Van Nuys

One of the most fascinating facts about the Western Gardens Van Nuys is has been used as a backdrop for many movies and tv shows. You may recognize the building as the Starfleet Academy. Parts of Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine were all filmed here.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery National Register of Historic Sites. The cemetery the ultimate resting place for many famous movie stars and celebrities and a favorite tourist destination. Hollywood stars are buried here include Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and more.

Borrego Springs Sculptures

Galleta Meadows Estates is a set of over 100 welded-steel sculptures in and around Borrego Springs, California. Prehistoric animals, farm employees, saints, and cactus will be the work of Ricardo Breceda. A number of the sculptures can easily be observed from the road or are just a brief hike.

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum

Artist Noah Purifoy (1917-2004) moved into the desert to escape because Los Angeles was simply too expensive to live in. He spent the last 15 years of his life producing amazing sculptures, buildings, and even artwork out of recycled material.

OstrichLand USA

OstrichLand is a favorite roadside attraction close to the central coast town of Solvang California. For a couple dollars, visitors can feed the 125-pound flightless birds. OstrichLand also sells cookbooks such as Ostrich eggs shells, feather dusters, Ostrich Jerky, and Ostrich meat.

Integratron Sound Dome

Rising up 38-feet out of a strong vortex in the center of the Mojave Desert just outside the town of Landers and hammering a small observatory. Having a reservation you can take a sound bath — a sonic recovery session with quartz crystal bowls played live in the Integratron’s multi-wave sound chamber.

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