Orange County Ranks Second In The Nation In The Number Of High-Tech Clusters

Silicon Beach is facing west of the Los Angeles metropolitan area that is home to over 500 technology startup companies, with emphasis on the coastal strip north of LAX to Santa Monica Mountains, but the term might be applied loosely or colloquially to refer to most anywhere in the LA Basin. Major technology companies have opened offices in the region including Youtube, Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo!, BuzzFeed, Salesforce, Electronics, EdgeCast Networks, along with MySpace. In 2012, the region was considered the next- or third-hottest tech hub on the planet, according to some metrics. Nevertheless, the headquarters of those established corporate tech titans has been elsewhere, although the region has experienced startups proliferation. Contrary to the standard definition of Silicon Valley (Menlo Park to Santa Clara) where the market is overwhelmingly technology targeted, Silicon Beach, much like San Francisco, will have a more diversified economy wherever tourism, finance, and/or other industries also play a major role.

when it comes to the diversity of Orange County companies headquartered, it reads like a who is who of the High Tech industry. Chipmakers Broadcom, Mircrosemi, Conexant Systems and Mindspeed Technologies. Contract electronic makers Express Manufacturing, TTM Technologies and DDI Corp. Orange County is also home to flat panel tv manufacturer Vizio.

Actually, Orange County has a more varied technology sector than several U.S. states with well known high tech centers. When compared to several countries such as Massachusetts, Washington and Texas, Orange County was the second most varied with 16 from 22 high tech industries having higher employment concentration compared to national average.

Orange County’s diverse high tech industry is matched with its amazing growth. According to Deloitte Tech 500, in 14 OC based tech firms were one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America, all with more than 100% earnings growth in the last year.

Helping to gas Orange County’s high-tech prowess is the ongoing growth in STEM (science, engineering, technology, mathematics) related degrees conferred by Orange County universities. Over the previous five years, the number of STEM-related undergraduate degrees given by local universities rose by 25 percent. In 2011/12, 17% of all undergraduate degrees were STEM-related. On the graduate level, in 2011/12, 23% of all graduate levels were STEM-related marking a 30% rise during the last five years.

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