Why You Should Consider Off-Airport Parking Near LAX

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is proceeding full steam ahead with its modernization projects. Every month, a modernization update is published in the airport’s official website, lawa.org. For its October 2017 update, the key take away is that passengers and guests should expect that navigating through the airport will take much longer than usual. Passengers should arrive at least two hours before boarding time for domestic flights and at least three hours for international flights. There are a number of roadway lane restrictions, sidewalk closures, and in-terminal work currently being implemented. The drop-off lane on the Upper/Departures Level is also heavily impacted due to the construction work at Terminal 1. Fortunately, there is a designated drop-off area for parking shuttles and the Lot C bus at the east end of the terminal. However, private vehicles are not allowed to use this drop-off area. Stairwells and sidewalks adjacent to Parking Structures 1 and 3 are also impacted because of installations being done on the elevator towers. Motorists driving to the airport to pick up arriving passengers are also advised to use the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot.

Do all these updates and notices sound too complicated? If you’re driving to LAX and planning to leave your car at the airport, you might want to reconsider. Although these airport improvement projects are commendable, it’s also undeniable that while construction work is still ongoing, it just adds to the congestion in and around the Los Angeles International Airport. Aside from the increased congestion, there are also construction and installation being done at the Parking Structures, so that also adds to the difficulties you’ll experience when parking your car at the airport. Although it’s nice that you can check real time parking availability on the airport’s website, the difficulty lies in navigating through the various lane restrictions and closures and actually getting to the Parking Structure. To add to the challenge, some pedestrian lanes adjacent to Parking Structures 1 and 3 are also closed, so if you parked your car there, you might end up being taking a long detour and walking a long way. With all of these construction work and lane and sidewalk closures and restrictions, now is probably not the most convenient time to use the airport’s on site parking facilities.

So, what are your options if you’re planning to drive to to the airport and are looking for long term parking? There’s actually a simple solution – just use an off-airport parking facility.

First of all, off-airport parking rates are considerably cheaper compared to the rates at the airport’s parking facilities. At the Central Terminal Area Parking Structures, you will have to pay $3 for the first hour, plus $2 for each additional 30 minutes, up to a maximum of $30 for every 24 hours. On the other hand, if you book your airport parking reservation at affordableparkinglax.com, you can get a great deal for as low as just $7 per day! That’s a day’s worth of parking already, but at the Central Terminal Area parking, that’s just equivalent to two hours of parking!

Secondly, all the parking partners you’ll find at affordableparkinglax.com offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. As compared to regular private vehicles that are restricted from using certain lanes to drop off passengers, parking shuttles are provided with designated drop-off areas. This means that when you park your car at the off-airport parking facility, you just board their shuttle and you will be driven to the airport and dropped off at the curb without any hassles. You won’t have to navigate through the airport roadways yourself, and just imagine how stressful that can be considering the heavy traffic and all the rerouting going on at LAX!

Lastly, and perhaps this is the most important thing you should consider, there is currently no online payment or reservation system available at the Parking Structures at LAX. At this point, it’s first come, first served. To put it simply, you have to get there and look for an available parking spot yourself. So you’ll probably end up driving in circles, waiting for a spot to open up, which means you’ll be wasting time and getting yourself in danger of not being able to check in on time. On the other hand, booking your airport parking through affordableparkinglax.com means that you will be able to get a guaranteed parking spot and enjoy the convenience of being able to do online payment. Once you’ve booked your reservation, just show up on the day you scheduled to leave your car, and you will be directed to a parking spot reserved especially for you! And if for whatever reason you can’t make it on your scheduled date, you can simply cancel your booking and just schedule another one. No need to worry about paying extra as affordableparkinglax.com offers free cancellation!

These are just some of the reasons why you should opt for off-airport parking near LAX instead of using the parking facilities at the Central Terminal Area. It’s definitely cheaper and more convenient, plus you get to avoid the stress of having to look for parking space. If you’re still hesitant, just do the math. Let’s say you’re planning to leave your car for ten days. At the LAX parking structures, you’ll end up paying $300 for those ten days. But if you booked your airport parking through affordableparkinglax.com, you could end up paying only $70! That’s more than two hundred dollars worth of savings!

With the holidays coming up, you can expect traveling through LAX to be more hectic, more so because LAX is one of the busiest airports in the United States. In 2016, there were more than 80 million passengers passing through its gates, and there will probably be more passengers traveling through LAX this year. You can probably just imagine the congestion, the queuing, and the difficulty in finding a parking space at the on site parking facilities. It’s really best for you to avoid all that inconvenience. Book your airport parking reservation now at affordableparkinglax.com!

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