Affordable and Convenient Airport Parking Near LAX

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), categorized as a mega airport, is one of the busiest airports in the United States, both in terms of passengers served and air cargo tonnage processed. In 2016, the reported number of passengers served by the airport was over 80 million, whereas more than two million tons of air cargo passed through the airport. LAX is currently going through a $5.5 billion modernization program called the Landside Access Modernization Program or LAMP. This program aims to address heavy traffic congestion going to and from the airport terminals, especially during peak hours, the limited space for buses, shuttles and cars that drop off or pick up passengers from the airport, as well as the problematic curbside conditions.

On Site Parking and Traffic Congestion at LAX

With many construction activities currently underway around LAX, and the heavy volume of passengers going to and from the airport, traffic congestion has become even worse. If you’re traveling through LAX and planning to park your car at the on site parking lot, you should expect and plan for increased travel times. Or, you could look for an alternative parking spot at

How much does airport parking at LAX cost?

If you were to park at the airport’s on site parking lot, it would cost you $3 for the first hour or fraction thereof at the Central Terminal Area Parking Structure, plus $2 for each 30 minutes or fraction thereof after the first hour, for a maximum of $30 for every 24 hours. If you were to park at the Economy Parking Lot C, located at 96th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard, it would be $4 for the first hour, same for each additional hour or fraction thereof, for a maximum of $12 for every 24 hours.

How much will you save if you chose off site airport parking?

A lot! By booking your airport parking reservation through, you get many options for affordable airport parking near LAX. You can even get deals that are 50% cheaper compared to the economy long term parking rates at LAX! We have many partners located within a 1-mile radius from LAX, and many more are located less than 5 miles away from the airport. You can choose from among our partners, depending on the rate, distance and parking type of your preference.

How do you know which type of airport parking is best for you?

With so many options for airport parking, choosing the best one for you will depend on many factors, including convenience, distance from the airport, and parking type. But the two most important factors to consider are your purpose for going to the airport and how long you will need to park your car.

If you are going to the airport simply to drop off someone, then you might not even need to park your car at all, unless you were planning to wait until after the flight actually takes off before you leave the airport yourself. If you are going to the airport to pick up someone, then it might be best to use the airport’s short term parking lot, which is conveniently located near the airport terminal entrance, or the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, where you can wait for free for up to two hours, but it’s usually full and you may not be able to easily find a spot.

But if you are the one traveling, then you will need to be wiser when choosing your airport parking spot. If you will be gone for just a day, then you might decide in favor of convenience when choosing your airport parking spot. However, if you will be gone for several days or more, then you will need to consider the daily rate. Long term airport parking can actually get very expensive. Choosing the on site airport long term parking facility can cost you $120 if you’re parking there for ten days. However, if you book your airport parking reservation through, you may get to save up to 50% off!

Why is it better to book your airport parking reservation online?

By booking your airport parking through, you can expect a guaranteed parking spot. Aside from the priceless peace of mind you will get from having a guaranteed spot, you will also get to avoid the stress and hassle associated with having to drive around in circles looking for a space to park. More than that, you also get to save a lot of money from the various affordable deals our partners offer. You also get to enjoy a convenient short ride to and from the airport by shuttle, because all our partners offer free shuttle service. So all you actually need to do is to book your parking reservation, take your car to the lot, park in a spot guaranteed for you, lock your car and board the shuttle to get to the airport terminal entrance. Airport parking with is so affordable and convenient!

What is the best airport parking option if you have an early flight or late arrival?

If your flight leaves very early in the morning, or if you’re arriving late at night, then your best bet is to get a hotel and airport parking package through We partner with the best hotels near LAX to give you the most affordable sleep, park and fly packages!

Some people might think that staying at a hotel near the airport would be expensive. But if you factor in your airport parking cost when you do the math, you’ll find that you will actually end up saving money. Our partner hotels offer free parking for up to 14 days when you book a hotel and airport parking package – and if you go beyond the free parking period, you can even get daily rates for as low as $7 only! Now, that is really a lot of savings for you! Book your airport parking now at!


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